Waterline Flushing Notice

The date for waterline flushing has changed:

Waterline Flushing Notice - September 28, 2018

Drinking Water Quality Policy

Drinking Water Quality Policy

Quality Management System Policy (2012)

The Corporation of the Village of Newbury owns and operates the Newbury Water Distribution System (DS). At the Village of Newbury, we are committed to:
- supplying safe drinking water to our consumers
- maintaining and continually improving the QMS
- complying with all legislative and regulatory requirements.

2018 Water Meter Read Dates

Water meters are read the 20th of every month. It is the resident's responsibility to maintain a clear path to the meter.

Tri-County DWS Section 11 Annual Report 2017

SWM Section 11 Annual Report 2017

Newbury Distribution System Annual Summary

Village of Newbury Schedule 22 Compliance Report

Village of Newbury Drinking Water Quality Management System Financial Plan

Newbury Distribution System Inspection

Village of Newbury Asset Management Plan 2014

Village of Newbury Asset Management Plan 2014